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To The Artist Collection - a collection of British Artists paintings and drawings beautifully reproduced as limited edition sillk scarves made in the UK. Colourful classic works of artists such as Peter Lanyon, John Piper, Patrick Procktor, Paul Feiler and Roger Hilton.

All are available here and in exhibitions throughout
the UK including Tate St. Ives, The Redfern Gallery,
London, and coming soon to the Newlyn Art Gallery,
Hereford Museum & Art Gallery, and much more...

Here you will find limited edition (1 of 200) scarves, lampshades and more.

Each scarf is 100% silk chiffon and should be dry
cleaned to keep the colours vivid and preserve the
qualities of the silk. Shop now...

Martin Lanyon Silk Scarf
Featured scarf in the image at the top of the page...
Martin Lanyon - Seascape 1998