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John Piper
Silk Scarves

Each scarf is 100% silk and should be dry
cleaned to keep the colours vivid and preserve the
qualities of the silk.

John Piper Foliate Heads Silk Scarf

John Piper Silk Scarf
John Piper - Foliate Heads

John Piper Foliate Heads Lamp

John Piper - Foilate Heads - Lamp
Shade - 14" Diameter drum shade, silk.
Base - Eroded oak. Please note bases supplied will vary.


John Piper Silk Scarf

John Piper - Church in a copse

John Piper Church in a Copse silk lampshade

John Piper - Church in a copse - Lamp
Shade - 12" Cube shade, silk.
Base - 7" Cube, veneered oak, finished in black lacquer.